When our animal friends become quite elderly it’s natural to want them to feel as happy and pain free as possible. 

This period of time can feel like a two edged sword; with our hearts full of love and tenderness for our dogs, now feeling the intensification of these powerful emotions combined with angst as we see our friend frail with the inevitable passage of aging. At the same time doing our best to maintain a positive vibe and be present for them. The greater the love, the greater the heartache.

When you and they know their ‘time’ is near, maybe discomfort is starting to show or illness is presenting, this is when natural holistic therapies and products would be a great option to consider (if you haven’t already).  The therapies I’m referring to are energy modalities that are very gentle where healing will go to where it is needed, some examples are BodyTalk (which I offer), the following I don’t but I know are fab …. Reiki, Homeopathy and flower essences such as Bach Flower and First Light.

It is a privilege assisting anyone at this time, when extra time, peace and ease may be achieved when family may also feel a certain sense of relief that there is reduced suffering and more quality of life.

As we are primarily energetic beings there is huge potential for  beautiful shifts and changes to occur with BodyTalk and other energy modalities that our regular senses struggle to witness.

End of life care is not an easy time for anyone; if you want that extra support I would truly feel honoured to be asked.

When the Sun is Setting