When our animal friends are aging, becoming quite elderly … would you like this time to be as gentle and graceful as possible?  Are you aware there are natural therapies and over the counter remedies that can offer more comfort, reduce pain and/or bring about peace for this sacred period of life?


Isn’t this a beautiful yet paradoxical time when our hearts our so enmeshed with our animal friends and our love is so deep yet we have to witness them aging much much quicker than we’d like?  Beautiful because of the respect we have for life and each day we get to be together, beautiful because of the immense joy and love we share.


When you and they know there time is near, maybe discomfort is starting to show or illness is presenting, this is when those therapies and/or remedies would be a great option to consider (and much earlier of course).  The therapies I’m referring to are energy modalities that are very gentle and will go to where is needed, some examples are BodyTalk (which I offer), the following I don’t but I know are fab …. Reiki, Homeopathy and flower essences such as Bach Flower and First Light.


I get to experience with my clients the privilege of assisting their friend potentially find extra time, peace and ease when the family can also feel a certain sense of relief that there is reduced suffering and more quality of life.


Sometimes people find BodyTalk by chance as it’s not commonly known about and can be when many other remedies and therapies have been tried. But it’s all still perfect (in the grander scheme of things) and our animal friend is ready to pass on no matter what is given. It’s us that can find it hard to let them go.  Maybe their health challenge is also beyond tipping point but some extra gentle help is likely to make this time easier. Healing is more than just the body restoring itself, like when we talk and share about things, maybe cry or forgive.  As primarily energetic beings (people and animals [and so much more!]) there is huge potential for  beautiful shifts and changes to occur with BodyTalk that our regular senses struggle to witness.


I encourage you to seek out these other options, also for yourself as your well-being can impact on your animal friend and also those around you impacting on you.  To consider being proactive (if you aren’t already) rather than reactive to what could be confronting … to keep the body in balance on many levels, not just the physical (when it has already come through the more subtle energy fields e.g. mental and emotional, then manifests in our bodies if not ‘healed’).


By providing these types of therapies, the body becomes more resilient as they encourage homeostasis – the bodies natural way of being, before stressors make their mark, to then be in a better position to withstand any threats. These therapies also impact on the way we feel and think, which is a huge doorway to greater health.  Thoughts are forces. If we feel good, we think good, when we are much more likely to make better decisions for ourselves and our animal friends, which are the precursors to a much better quality life.

End of life care is not an easy time for anyone; if you want that extra support I would feel honoured to be asked. You may email me at di@dogsandus.nz  … Thank you.
When the Sun is Setting