As I am very happy to help all animals, am leaving these questions open to all …

What can I expect at my animal’s or my first session?

I will give you some questions (Wellbeing Form) to answer before we meet for the session allowing you quality time. This is to be returned to me for the beginning of your session, then left with me for us to review over time.

Sessions are most often in person at the Wisdom Within cabin or done remotely (distance session). Home visits to be discussed.

If the visit is:

In person (animal or person): If session is for your animal, we’ll be seated and you will be your animal’s surrogate i.e. I’ll be muscle checking you while observing your animal. If the session is for you, you will get to relax fully clothed on a massage table (or chair if you’d prefer). We’ll talk occasionally throughout the session when I will be muscle checking you and using some tapping techniques to integrate the session. At the end I’ll ask, continuing to use muscle checking, if a future BodyTalk session is a priority for you (or your animal). If so, when, and if with a specific practitioner or not. You have the choice whether or not to act on this information.

Remotely/Distance: Along with the Wellbeing Form, a photo may be requested. I will either do session alone and inform you afterwards (e.g. voice recorded message) or connect with you via Skype when I will call you. It’s very low key, when all I require of you is to be available for an occasional question and you may also ask or tell me things along the way. You can be having a cuppa etc, as there’ll be periods when you may not hear very much.

How long is a session?

Usually a good hour or so. The duration of a session is not indicative of the quality of the session nor the results that occur. Even the briefest of sessions can be significant. Price remains the same.

How can BodyTalk help people and animals?

In too numerous ways to mention. The BodyTalk system doesn’t diagnose nor work with ‘named’ conditions but rather a range of symptoms.  Please refer to the people and/or animal testimonials of this website and that of the International BodyTalk Association.

Why don’t you diagnose?

Because our body is viewed as a far more complex system than that viewed by the Cartesian model which current medical practice is based upon when drugs or interventions such as surgery can be prescribed.

How soon will I see/feel the benefits of a session?

You may or may not feel sensations (like tummy rumbles, tingles) or changes immediately (relief of discomfort) as it’s likened to working through the layers of an onion. Influencing factors like age, health condition, how long you’ve had the health issue (physical, mental, emotional etc), any other challenges you may have/have had and their complexity etc will influence how quick you’ll respond and how many sessions are required to bring your body back to its best natural healthy state.

Changes can also appear as a shift in perspective, change of attitude or general feeling of well-being immediately, days or weeks later as layer by layer the return to your more healthy natural state takes place.

How many sessions will I need?

This will depend on many factors including your age, condition of health, whether or not you have a chronic condition, your desire to heal etc. Three to eight would be average. At the end of each session I continue using the muscle checking technique to ask whether a future BodyTalk session is a priority for you or not. If ‘yes’, when (in ‘x’ amount of days or weeks?), and if with any particular practitioner (who you may align with better, and can have their individual strengths and specialising areas that may benefit you better).  BodyTalk is also popular for personal development when it can be used on a regular basis e.g. every six weeks or less frequently. Ultimately it is your choice.

Do I bring my animal/s to you?

If you can and if it won’t be stressful for them when you will be their surrogate i.e. I muscle check you while focussing on your friend. If they aren’t with us we still go through the same process when a photo can be a great reference for me. Distance sessions are also offered so they may remain in the comfort of their home, particularly for those who don’t normally leave their environment or are harder to transport such as a horse or goat. What this means is, I am able to connect with them energetically and give as good a session as if with me personally.  I just require specific information to act as a coordinate like their name, address, date of birth and a photo if you can supply.

How does a treatment work if I’m not in the room with you or you’re using a photo? Is this less effective than being with you?

This is commonly referred to as distance healing based on applied quantum physics theory including the holographic model and the concept of timelessness i.e. at the level of consciousness we are all connected and everything is happening at once. I encourage you to google this subject. It is no less effective and results are available to read if you research. Many of my testimonials are of distance sessions. BodyTalk is a consciousness based modality.

Will BodyTalk work if I don’t understand it?


What are the risks?

None. If any item within a BodyTalk formula is incorrect, it simply means that there will be no result or change. This won’t affect the rest of your session.