Here’s a typical selection from out of my freezer to go into the fridge to feed Baxter for three days (morning and night).

It’s an easy grab as I have an organised freezer with colour coded bags (I use supermarket cloth bags), plus pre-packaged smaller items including organs (referred to in bullet list) which gets sorted earlier in large batches; a three hour exercise after the weight of each organ is determined, then cutting, weighing and bagging up. I tend to do enough that ends up lasting about 3 – 4 months.

This selection has been calculated for his age, weight and health status to get the best proportions of muscle meat, bone and organ meat. I will also add two raw eggs plus extra supplementation for ligaments and joints i.e. green lip mussel powder, glucosamine and a herbal tincture.

What you can see from largest to smallest:

  • A plastic bag of pre-combined organs in specific ratio and weight, chicken feet, a whole pilchard and a few small frozen blocks of ground up raw (non high-starch) veg.
  • 3 discs of green tripe.
  • A skinned possum tail – although the fur on would be great for the manganese.
  • Chicken necks that I chop up smaller as I suspect Baxter won’t chomp on them to break them up (otherwise could become an obstruction).
  • The cubed red meat is about 800 grams of mutton.

I dish up what will deteriorate first i.e. the pilchard, and tend to also feed the poultry before other food as well.


If you want to learn more you may enjoy a workshop for Natural Dog Care on Sunday 19 May when I’m sharing the best I know about raw feeding to get you started and on your way. You’ll leave with your own comprehensive guide with all the right proportions calculated.


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Alternatively I can provide you with a Personalised Raw Feeding Guide for your Dog easily via the post.  More information here or contact me directly to ask any questions. Thank you. Di.

Raw Feeding Sorted for 3-Days at a Time