Caring for Yourself to be the Best for your Dogs

Tai Chi QiGong Shibashi 18 movements – a very relaxing and peaceful exercise


Favourite Doggie Sites – Covering Raw Feeding, Health and Wellbeing

Out of the Wild raw dog food in New Zealand

Pet Essentials raw dog food in New Zealand

Raw Essentials raw dog food in New Zealand

Perfectly Rawsome  and Fb page loads of raw feeding info for dogs including specifics for puppies

The Raw Feeding Community Bone and fat percentages in raw meaty bones

Raw Feeding Advice and Support and their page on calcium to phosphorus ratio

Raw Fed and Nerdy and Fb page

Dr Karen Becker also here at Mercola Pets

Dogs Naturally Magazine (loads of information on dogs, including online courses – nutrition, homeopathy, raw feeding etc)

Dr Sophia Yin (the late, but amazing animal behaviourist), website is still being managed.

Dr Judy Morgan

Dr Peter Tobias

Catherine Lane, The Possible Canine (includes online courses – nutrition and herbalism for dogs)

The Truth About Pet Cancer (video series to purchase) with Ty and Charlene Bollinger who are globals leaders in The Truth About Cancer and Fb page

Whole Dog Journal

AdoredBeast with Julie Anne Lee

Keep the Tail Wagging with Kimberly Gauthier


HealthySkin4Dogs  by veterinary dermatologists (& Facts/Myths about yeast dermatitis in dogs)

Calcium to Phosphorus Ratio – raw feeding for dogs

Feed Thy Dog Homemade recipe formulations, analysis, and support.

Sacred Death Care Learn soul-healing practices for the living, the dying, and the dead. Transform your relationship with death and with life.


The TLC Your Pet Yearns for During Her Last Weeks and Days on Earth  presented by Dr Karen Becker, of


Do you require calming / sleeping music for your animal friend to comfort them while you are away from home or to help them through frightening noise like a thunderstorm or fireworks?  Just google and you’ll find some very therapeutic music especially for these times. Providing a safe hideaway could also be helpful while you remain calm and in control so they may feel safe with you.


Emergency Pages

Emergency Disaster Preparation for your Dog

Books You May Enjoy

Ruined by Excess, Perfected by Lack, the paradox of pet nutrition, Richard S Patton

Canine Nutrigenomics, W Jean Dodd

Four Paws, Five Directions, Cheryl Schwartz, DVM

Heart to Heart, Pea Horsley

Animal Talk, Penelope Smith


Other Animal Businesses

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Faye Rogers – Animal Communicator, Energy Healer, Teacher, Writer and Visionary

Tuatara Design – Website creation, support, hosting etc

Pet Essentials – pet store for quality and variety including freezers full of raw food


Walk In Sync with Allecia Evans