This Friday my 14 week puppy Jeddah is going to be vaccinated for parvo, distemper and hepatitis – the core vaccines at my local Holistic Vet Centre in Tauranga. As a holistic animal therapist with an instinctual dislike for anything that’s not natural, this decision didn’t come easily and I’m still wavering!  This will be his first vaccination and hopefully his last as I understand their cover can last up to 7-14 years. I can also have him titer checked annually (checks levels of antibodies in the blood)  to determine his immunity levels.

The Bay of Plenty in New Zealand is where we live and is a hot spot for the parvo virus due to it’s humid climate, and being so contagious the risks are very real. Reading about symptoms and talking with a vet nurse, you wouldn’t want your dog to suffer with this virus. There are natural treatments but this route seems extensive and long.  The use of homeopathic nosodes don’t appear to have good enough evidence to support relying on for these serious diseases.

I’ve already started dosing vitamin C (based on human dosage at 60kg) along with a raw diet that supports a healthy bacterial gut – both key factors in building a healthy immune system. I will also be using rescue remedy on the day and homeopathic Thuja as a ‘detox’ for the unwanted ingredients. Considering homeopathic Arnica also for shock and trauma – for receiving a jab and the non bioavailable ingredients being pumped into his system.

I have personally received vaccinations over my life, choices made by my well meaning parents. I too am doing my best to make the wisest choice for Jeddah.

To vaccinate my puppy or not?