“Yes thank you, I AM feeling very relaxed,” said Rosie. “Apparently (?!) I was snoring during my BodyTalk session which my ‘mum’ was very surprised about as she’s never heard me snore before.” I must have gone to sleep quite quickly because I was having a great time having a good sniff around the place, drinking water and saying hi to Di.

And look at what I’m lying on! A lovely soft mat and a clean towel especially for me where I could lie down close to Mum and Di … that’s when my session started. I don’t remember much else!

Until….!! Mum was soooo happy with me, when we were leaving I jumped into the back of the truck as instructed, where Flo was (my buddy who sometimes I’m not on my best behaviour with) ….. WELLLL…. this time, I was!  I love it when I make my Mum happy!

It’s been recommended I come back for another session to build on whatever happened today while I was dreaming. Meanwhile, I wonder how my days are going to unfold inbetween?


Rosies First BodyTalk Session