My favourite photo – I love those yoghurt lips!

I choose raw species-appropriate delicimo(!) food for Baxter because I eat foods that are healthy for myself (most of the time) and I LOVE food, so why shouldn’t he, who is in my care, be given the same?

Watching Baxter eat his meals, then lick the bowl (or grass) super clean, I have no doubt that he absolutely savours what he is smelling and eating. Of course, he always wants more! Which he ain’t going to get as he has had cruciate ligament surgery and extra weight just won’t do his joints favours, nor his overall health. You’ll know doubt agree! There’s also something about providing nourishment for someone you love, and seeing what you offer, relished.

To continue serving a dry processed product as I used to (with hard to digest starches – and really, just simply didn’t even resemble food), when I now know better, simply goes against the grain. Excuse the pun!  I have been serving a raw meaty diet of sorts for about twenty years, intertwined with good quality processed dry food when I experienced two dogs getting very sick over a period of one to two years. Even holistic veterinary attention couldn’t get on top of it and the only constant was the diet. It wasn’t good enough. My approach was, it’s raw, it must be good!  Yes, it was good, but not good enough.

Looking back I can see where I missed vital ingredients and in the right proportions.  I suspect the food I was providing was feeding the chronic health condition – unbeknown to me at the time of course.

Dogs share their DNA with the wolf by 99.8{8baf399267d058af5137831e5624fbe6501502ef0ce01497e4fe7fd677b362d5}. It is either the grey or Asian wolf, that goes back too many sleeps ago to keep count. Current research has determined by studying their scats (poo) what in fact is in a wolf’s natural diet, when holistic vets and canine loving professionals have devised nutritional guides to replicate this in our 21st century domesticated dog’s life.

This is where I pick up the baton. Based on that research, online study, attendance at international conferences and listening to those at the cutting edge of raw feeding, I have devised what I believe is a diet of sound nutritional value for Baxter and I want to share this with you and your dog. Please know I continue to read and learn, updating my clients as I go so their dogs benefit also.

I appreciate not all dogs needs are the same based on factors like age, diet and health history. These can be taken into account.

If feeding raw excites you and your dog (why wouldn’t it? 🙂 ), I have created a handy booklet with oodles of information to get you up and running confidently – totaling approximately 18 pages, A4 size. It will be personalised for your dog and where I can, take into consideration things like weight loss and fast metabolism. Save yourself time and a lot of confusion – this will get you kick started quickly and be a sound base you can operate from.

As an extra, because I want to learn about and help those with health challenges, I may also be able to provide a bunch of resources for you to research further, to also help your dog’s optimal wellness in a natural holistic way.

Please know that I am not a qualified nutritionist nor a substitute for your vet.  What I am, is passionate about dogs having a quality life who are in our care, by providing the best nature-given diet and healthcare I can provide. Please invite me to help yours!


Why I serve Baxter Raw Whole Food Versus Cooked Processed Kibble