Made for New Zealand


Keep kit somewhere obvious and close to exit of your home.

Be prepared to take your dog/s with you.


To Do Anytime Now:

___  Put name tag on your dog/s that include their name, phone number and urgent medical needs.

___ Microchip them

___ Register with local council

___ If in New Zealand, register on the New Zealand Companion Animal Register

___ Organize a buddy system in case you can’t take your dog with you e.g. with your neighbours, friends, relatives.

___ Keep a list of your ‘buddies’ numbers. Ensure they have yours and it’s kept up to date.

___ Make a list of pet friendly motels/accommodation and put in kit.

___ Put together their first aid kit.


Kit Content  (Some items may not be applicable to your situation):


Backpack to put the following in (one that may be able to attach to yours). Lined with waterproof bag. Some things may be able to be put in a dog-pack as in photo.


  • Include photo of dog/s with phone numbers; i.e.  your phone number/s, also your local council’s and the New Zealand Companion Animal Register 0800 LOSTPET (567 873)


___ Medication (or put note on pack to grab it!). Expiry date _____________.

___Copy of med records in plastic bag.

___Carry box/crate (labelled with name, address and phone number).

___Dog-pack if considered appropriate.

___Water. Keep in cool place out of sun. Refresh routinely. ___Shelter for them. To also be able to fit you in if need be. People community shelters may not allow dogs in.
___Collapsible food & water bowls (or drink bottle). ___Dog jacket.
___Dried food – expiry date _____________. ___Dog raincoat.
___First aid kit incl survival bag – dog size. ___Reflective clothing.
___Rescue Remedy/Emergency Essence. ___Boots or any other ‘clothing’.
___Poo bags. ___Towel/s.
___Hand sanitizer. ___Blanket/s  ___Bedding.
___Small shovel/trowel to bury poo. ___Toys.
___List of pet friendly accommodation. ___Sheet of plastic to put under dog bedding.
___Spare long rope and collar. ___Leash.
___Metal stake. ___Muzzle.


For larger animals – which are your safe paddocks? ____________________________________


Note on calendar when to do refills/turning over of food/medical supplies. Quarterly?


Helpful Links:


Di Scurr. Dogs and Us. 1 May 2017