My left knee has had a miraculous repair/recover. I went for a long walk this morning and couldn’t keep the huge, cheesy grin off my face – it was so amazing, after 20 years of pain, to walk with no pain. Just stunning and fully and blooming incredible. The right knee is still a bit sore but, it too, has improved a lot. So, thank you so, so so much, Di (Monday afternoon, session was during the afternoon of Sunday, the day before). “Sir :)” PB, Tauranga.

Thank you very much! Sorry slow at replying. Preparing for this Animal Course this weekend! I wrote out the affirmations and put them under my pillow. They are very good! I feel better so thank you. And, this is the first cycle I have had in probably years where i havent had an awful pain in my ovaries! Look forward to seeing you again soon. SH, Northland

Hi, just wanted to say Thanks. I have had a great week.  Got my mojo back  😊I am always amazed what comes up in BodyTalk sessions and how it releases unexpected areas.  Thanks again, I am feeling great! Cheers [name] (garden says thanks too, looking much better 😊). JC,Tauranga

Wow that is spot on!!! Fantastic Diane. I resonated with every word. I am very grateful. Thank you. NS, Auckland

At the end of my BodyTalk session today when I got off the massage table, I was pleasantly surprised to be able to stand with out requiring any support as I normally would, and walk without any tension! Some of the muscles in my body were also no longer feeling uncomfortable.” JC,Tauranga

“I am delighted to say I am feeling better.  I am getting three hours sleep in one hit, awake for perhaps an hour, then another three hours which is a big improvement on my usual one and a half hours.  It has been like having the measles for 24 months, scratching, scratching.  I am not itching as much so I want to say thank you, thank you.  It is probably a combination of all the previous endeavours topped up with my session with you.  Whatever it is I am so happy that after two years of really terrible itching and lack of sleep, this is the first time I have noticed an improvement and feel optimistic that in the future I will be well.” VW, Tauranga

“I hope you slept well after that massive session yesterday, I think I am still recovering! Thank you so much for all of your time, it was really incredible and I feel that there is a lot going on with my body right now as it processes all of the info and changes! Thanks again Di, truly an amazing experience.”  LW, Tasman

“I was gonna tell you. After my session with you, the scar on my knee which you mentioned. Seems to have disappeared!!!!! What do you make of that?” DR, Tauranga

“Hi Di, yeah she is doing great, loads of energy! We just went up Mauao 🙂 she is looking forward to the next session. Thank you.” LD, Tauranga

After the following week’s session: “Morning Di, she is doing great. Has been a huge shift since coming to you, thanks heaps! Have passed your card onto my mother in law also so hopefully she will be in contact soon. Will be in touch when we are all settled with school etc. Thanks Di.”  LD, Tauranga

“Thank you for yesterday, feeling calmer and touch wood, less pain in jaw/teeth …awesome, long may it last!!” NP, Tauranga

“Very appropriate what you got for me and breathing easier and calmer from your BodyTalk treatment. Thank you!” NP, Tauranga

“How amazing and awesome Di. So much to take in. I will read again when back home on Friday. It feels so well rounded and intuitive (your work) and I really feel blessed by it and appreciate it. I can see how this would help so many people and am 100 per cent happy to refer someone to you.” TM-M, Auckland

“I have been having joint and gut issues and Di gave me a BodyTalk Access session.  As we went through it I got tingling in my legs and then goose bumps.  I also noticed I could feel my hands and feet having more sensation with better circulation and they felt warmer.  The best thing was the pain in my thigh near the knee went away and it hasn’t come back!  I felt more balanced and grounded after the session.  Di has set up a really relaxing clinic and is very attentive and caring and she is clear with her explanations.  I’d highly recommend a balancing Access session.” JS, Tauranga

“I realised while at Aqua Jogging (deep water) classes at the pool that I had concerns with my left leg appearing to be weaker than my right.  I had  noticed that when doing forward movement I tended to go in circles to the left.  This has changed since my sessions with you recently.  As you know I’ve been doing aqua jogging for 10 years now, so I was surprised to find that while at BodyTalk sessions with you my left leg did come up as an issue.  I am delighted to say that the situation has changed and I no longer have concerns . Amazing.  Particularly as I have been rather sceptical about how Body Talk works. Many thanks for your input.” DJ, Tauranga

“OMG! The pussy lil crettons on my legs are almost 100% gone. Week 1/Although i maintain a positive mental attitude, and am generally optimistic, I had not expected these staphs to vacate on mass. WOW!” GJ, Auckland

“Hiya, WOW! That was a gooood session. By the time I got home I was zonked! Dinner, spa and bed! BT has been subtle but I obviously needed a kick! I will try to have another session before Hawaii. Can you do Monday arvo 21st or Tuesday morning 22nd September???” JC, Tauranga

“This is all so interesting and you are always picking up on the stuff I am dealing with. It’s really quite amazing how you get the topics! I have just had a big bout of vomiting so although I am exhausted I am glad it is out and hopefully I won’t cough through the night. Maybe you triggered that. And have just hopped in bed hoping for a good night sleep before work.” AB, Morrinsville

“I’m not sure why I felt nackered after the session with you and again this morning, as I was the one resting and you were doing all the work!! Anyway, I am most grateful for your good work and have decided to push the boundaries a little tonight by having an egg! I scrambled it with plenty of (lactose-free) milk and ate it with avo and tomato on toast. I felt a bit of a stomach niggle but that is all. Fingers crossed that I can get through the night without a hick-up. If it’s all good then I may branch out to a little bit of soft cheese! It could be an exciting discovery if your BT session allows me in time, to be eating normal.” CF, Tauranga

“Good news, good news! Didn’t end up in A & E last night after eating the scrambled egg (joking 🙂 )! That was how I had previously cooked it, but had a reaction back then, so it wasn’t the cooking process that made the difference…cheese here I come. (I will take it slowly tho). Give yourself a pat on the back!! 8-)”  CF, Tauranga