Top 12 Calming Tips for your Best Buddy

During Fireworks & Thunder Storms


Quiet Time1.   Exercise beforehand to release extra energy.

2.   Investigate safe animal friendly natural supplements or essential oils that are calming e.g. rescue remedy, melatonin (natural hormone) and high quality essential oils like lavender (used diluted and with care).

3.  Buy a thundershirt for your dog – uses acupressure to reduce stress from loud noises.

4.  Stay at home where it’s familiar, comforting and quiet, and is with you or another close family member.

5.  Before fireworks or thunder is expected, start the calming process – play slow gentle classical music like baroque (rhythm same as relaxed heart beat) or google ‘calming’ or ‘thunderstorm’ music.

6.  Try earplugs – moistened (with water) cotton wool, shaped and placed in (dogs) ears. (Not tight/irritating).

7.   Be calm for and with them – including slow deep breathing and talking in a soothing comforting voice. Manage their environment by reducing other activity and crazy noise. Avoid excessive fussing as this can reinforce any anxieties.

8.   Ensure area inside home is secure, glass windows/doors are covered so won’t be ran into and any exits from high platforms are blocked off. Maybe close curtains etc. If any risk of escaping, ensure ID tags are worn.

9.   Create a dark quiet room or ‘cave’ – duvet/blankets over a clothes horse, table, small box etc. Have favourite toys, blankies, treats, smells, distractions available.

10.   BodyTalk cortices technique can be used on both calm and anxious animal – is very safe and great anytime for bringing balance and calm back. Your hands can be just above their body (not directly touching so as not to potentially annoy them), or on your own head whilst focusing on your dog/cat/horse etc. Afterwards do for yourself too!

11.   If you know acupressure points, massage or other energy healing techniques – use them – being mindful of how your animal friend is feeling and responding – to stop if it’s not calming them or they want their own space. They’ll certainly let you know by moving etc. Avoid having stimulating bright colours around them if you can – calm blues and greens most restful.

12.   For dogs and cats – let them sleep close to you for instant comfort, reassurance and buckets of love …  zzzzzzzzzzz








Top 12 Calming Tips for your Best Buddy During Fireworks & Thunder Storms