For some unknown reason our Jeddah reacts crazily to some vehicles driving along the road – mainly to silver utes (utility vehicle with tray on the back). How it looks … firstly he hears it coming way off in the distance before I’m aware of it, then as it approaches he just goes nuts on the end of his leash barking and lunging.

I needed a solution.

As well as attending puppy classes, seeking advice from the vet, researching one on one support and studying internet websites belonging to professionals I discovered I needed a high value treat that was the most yummiest and strongest smelling as I could make it without adding ingredients dogs are not allowed. One that I could also give fast.

Today I made that smellylicous treat and I want to share my recipe with you.

But first you need to know how to dispense it quickly to distract and reward them continuously; and in a way that reduces the risk of your fingers being bitten as I found out this morning what not to do – when I was only using freshly poached chicken pieces (admittedly I also need to master the skill of the training technique – start before they get hyper and don’t reward their high energy behaviour).  I was relieved to find my skin wasn’t broken;  Jeddah must have realised he got me and not the chicken.

Thanks to a helpful member in a Facebook doggie group the other day, I discovered the GoToob+ and was able to buy it locally here in New Zealand. GoToob+ comes from California, USA. (I do not receive any financial gain for telling you).



The photo shows the GoToob+ (100ml)  is already filled with the creamy treat. The lid includes a ‘loop’ you can use to attach the tube to your clothing, saying that, they also have made a ToobClip which I wasn’t made aware of when I bought this one.

So, what is in the creamy treat to make it so smellylicious?!

I needed some ingredients for the chicken I bought yesterday to be blended into, thankfully I had some handy in the fridge – so to follow is my creation!




Smellylicious Creamy Chicken Treat

30g cream – I scraped the sides of our organic milk carton (goat’s milk kefir could be used here)

30g cooked buttercup (skin still on)

60g jelly from poached chicken once chilled

180g poach chicken, chopped into pieces


Blend until as smooth as you can. If you need more creaminess – add more jelly or cream.


You want it thick enough to give substance so your dog has something to lick, and not so thin it squirts out and the he/she misses getting any of it.


Pour into GoToob+ and the remaining into ice cube molds (if you can, small enough that can be popped straight into the ‘toob’).


Chicken is a food that needs to be kept chilled or frozen so any extra needs to be safely stored.


When it comes to using the GoToob+

For the first time – depending on how sensitive your dog is, be aware you don’t give them a fright when a puff of fresh air comes out (when their nose is close to the cap). Ensure treat is going to come out immediately so their first experience is a positive and delicious one and they learn to love the tube. Practice will make this process more seamless – having the contents against the exit point will reduce this issue at the same time knowing when to compress the tube. This is one reason why you want the treat to be as creamy as you can with no lumps – so it comes out in a reliable stream.


Further Resources for a Reactive Dog

Here are two websites I have discovered for helping with reactive dogs:  Care For Reactive Dogs  and Games to Help Your Reactive Dog

Plus one video showing the Look At That (LAT) exercise. The LAT game is from Leslie McDevitt’s “Control Unleashed” book that teaches you how to teach your dog how to stay calm and focused despite many distractions and despite having a reactive, fearful or easily overstimulated dog.


I’d love to hear how you get on and/or if you have your own recipe! Please contact me when we can exchange notes and our success stories :)!

Making a Smellylicious Treat for Training a Reactive Dog