I’m really stoked you’re here as I love being in the company of likeminded passionate doggie people … and I know you are because that’s what it takes to be a raw feeder. I look forward to sharing with you what I know from experience, a lot of reading and study which continues to this day.


My Personalized Raw Feeding Guide for your dog is a comprehensive resource that you’ll refer to over and over again that can enable your healthy adult dog to be fed a raw diet combining nutritious tasty bowl licking goodies such as raw meaty bones, organs, offal, muscle meat, fish, eggs and vegetables. My method of calculation is based mainly on the prey model for feeding and the BARF diet (explanation below).


I’d love to help you serve your precious dog a species appropriate diet whether you’re already feeding raw and you want some extra support and/or you want to move on from a processed product. Some people do feed a meal of each in the one day but I personally don’t advocate this as their stomach’s pH level will be continuously swinging between acidic and alkaline. To eat raw meaty bones an acidic environment is needed which also provides a great defense against nasties found in unmentionables that can be scoffed up before we get a chance to make them drop it or take the yukky thing out of their mouths.


The Guide (example of Contents page below) has the potential to provide your dog with a new lease of life from being nourished as nature intended, possibly improving outstanding health issues, cleaning teeth, adding pleasure and entertainment to your dog’s day, and to your own as you’ll know exactly what’s going  into their body plus it’s fresh! No less a bonus is you may save money on vet bills.


Once you have received and read your dog’s Personalized Raw Feeding Guide, a 15 minute call over the phone or online is available for you to discuss any outstanding questions or concerns you may have.


Included are references should you wish to further your learning (which I encourage as there is often updated experiences and/or science-based findings to improve our feeding practices).


As well as improving your dog’s quality of life, my motivation for providing this friendly comprehensive Guide is to give you a good jump start, saving you a lot of time wading through websites and books and hopefully inspire you to continually improve and tailor your dog’s meals as your understanding deepens.


If you’d prefer a more hands on experience, you may like to attend a workshop with me when you would receive this Guide  and learn to do your own dietary calculations. Let me know of your interest and when I have at least four keen dogs I can arrange a suitable date and place.


For many years from mid to late 1990’s,  I never thought twice about what I was feeding my dogs, which comprised mainly of a random selection of raw meat, green tripe, sometimes raw meaty bones and at times what I believed to be a high quality dry food.  My limited level of knowledge I suspect contributed to my two dog’s chronic skin and health issues. This period of time was very stressful, frustrating and sad for all of us, and drove me to become a holistic practitioner and a more fully informed raw feeder.


Thankfully there is so much more information available now although this can be experienced as a minefield i.e. overwhelming, conflicting information and misinformation, particularly within online groups by well meaning people who can be perceived as an authority on the subject. There is also the opportunity now to attend courses on raw feeding for dogs and canine nutrition.


This is not a replacement for veterinary care nor a health consultation.


Guide and up to 30 minute appointment – $75  (NZD)


To discuss your dog’s very own Guide or to attend a workshop please contact Di  or here About Di for a small introduction and link to qualifications.



The Prey Model Raw (PMR) diet (i.e. dogs are genetically 99.8% wolf)

The prey model raw (ancestral) diet of the wolf included the whole body i.e. bones, meat, organs, glands, eyes, tongue, fur, feathers, skin and digestive content. A minimal amount of digestive content was found to have vegetation, animal parts and insects.


The Biologically Appropriate Raw Food also known as Bones and Raw Food (BARF) diet

The BARF diet for dogs consists of raw whole foods similar to those eaten by the dogs’ wild ancestors. The food must contain such things as muscle meat, bone, fat, organ meats, vegetable and fruit materials combined in precisely the correct balance just as Mother Nature intended.