The Personalised Raw Feeding Guide for your Dog is a fabulous comprehensive resource that can enable your dog to be fed a whole raw diet combining all those nutritious tasty bowl licking goodies such as raw  meaty bones, organs, muscle meat, fish, vegies and a minimal amount of fruit.


I’d love to help you confidently serve your dog a species appropriate diet, whether you’ve been feeding raw for a while but are not sure what you are doing (this was me a few years ago) or you would like to move from processed product – this guide has the potential to give your dog a new lease of life.


The feeding guide factors in your dog’s current or desired weight, age and if appropriate their health status, when Di may offer food supplementation ideas to make feeding raw to your dog one done with confidence and joy. This is not a replacement for veterinary care nor a health consultation.


Together with this Personalised Raw Feeding Guide (approximately 18 pages) is a 30 minute appointment for you to discuss any outstanding questions or concerns you may have. This is encouraged to be taken after receiving and familiarising yourself  with your dog’s personalised Guide and can be done online e.g. over Skype, Facebook, Zoom etc.


Price for both Guide and 30 minute appointment is $70


Any questions at all or to order a Guide for your dog you may contact Di here