Hi there and welcome!


In my experience, it takes a passionate dog lover to pursue the path of raw feeding so welcome to the tribe!  I look forward to sharing with you what I know from experience, study and much reading.


My Personalised Raw Feeding Guide for your Dog is a fabulous comprehensive resource that can enable your (healthy adult) dog to be fed a whole raw diet combining all those nutritious tasty bowl licking goodies such as raw meaty bones, organs, muscle meat, fish and eggs.


I’d love to help you serve your dog a species appropriate diet, whether you’ve been feeding raw for a little while but are not sure what you are doing or you would like to move from processed product.   For many years I never thought twice about what I was feeding my dogs, I thought I was doing really well because it was mostly raw and also a high quality kibble. This was when raw feeding wasn’t as popular as it is now, there is also so much more information about ingredients in processed kibble when I’m sure my ignorance was a huge contributor to my two dog’s skin/health issues.  This guide has the potential to provide a new lease of life and possibly overcome allergy and skin issues.


Together with this Personalised Raw Feeding Guide (approximately 18 A4 pages) is a 15 minute appointment for you to discuss any outstanding questions or concerns you may have. This is encouraged to be taken after receiving the guide when our appointment can then be done online e.g. over Skype, Facebook, Zoom etc. I also provide you with references should you wish to further your learning online (which I encourage); there are some fabulous resources available to build on the basics I provide for you.


If you’d like to learn more about raw feeding, you may like to attend a workshop with me when you would still receive the Guide and learn to do your own dietary calculations. Please let me know if this would interest you and when I have enough dogs interested 🙂 I can organise a date and location. You may like to organise your own group when a minimum of four would be required. Very happy to have a chat with you about this if you’d like to contact me.


My motivation for providing this friendly comprehensive Guide is to encourage those who may have been like me for many years, who just ‘threw’ raw meat and bones at their dog and thought that was it, to discover it is actually much more.


This is not a replacement for veterinary care nor a health consultation.


Price for both Guide and 15 minute appointment is $65  (NZD)


Any questions at all or to order a Guide for your dog please contact Di