Yesterday was my ‘making-up-organ-bag-day’ for my two dogs i.e. 26 bags.

This process typically spans about six hours including cleaning up, so I always make sure I’m playing my favourite radio station!

Over to the right are…

1. Organs and offal from butcher waiting in fridge.
2. Chopping up lamb heart.
3. Back in fridge as I chop up all other organs and offal.
4. Ready to bag up using scales (not in view) to ensure quantities are the correct weight – calculated based on each dog’s size and appropriate percentage of overall diet.
5. Frozen green tripe and fish in first then fresh meat packed in around these.
6. Bags stacked ready to go in freezer before starting next round.

Contents in these bags were exactly the same for each one i.e. heart, kidney, liver, sweetbreads, giblets, green tripe and one pilchard.


How long do these last?

One bag per dog is for three days calculated to balance with specific quantities of their other food. When my dogs meals need replenishing, I take two of these out of the freezer along with their other food i.e. muscle meat, meaty bones and also add eggs.

So 26 bags divided by two dogs means 13 bags each. One bag lasts three days so I then diarize when I need to do this all over again before this lot runs out in 39 days (i.e. 13 bags x 3 days each = 39).

I also bagged up chicken feet (claws clipped off) which provide a high proportion of joint care nutrition.  Feeding like for like to help with my dogs’ joints.

Giving thanks

While handling all these body parts, I always give thanks to the animals who have given their life, so that my dogs may have food and nutrition. It seems like a double edged sword doesn’t it, we love our dogs and we love other animals? This is not lost on me hence my deep gratitude and continuing attempt to find my own peace in this cycle of life.

Even though I increasingly eat less and less meat I still feel very strongly that dogs are to be fed a species appropriate diet versus a manufactured one however big a commitment feeding raw may seem. The contribution to their health and well-being says it all.

Want to get started, one step at a time?

If you currently feed a processed product and would like to start introducing raw, you could start with a couple of sardines (from a can of fresh water sardines) per medium/large sized dog per three days plus two eggs. The eggs may best be fed cooked to start with e.g. boiled, scrambled or as an omelette. Please don’t feed raw meaty bones as per previous blog called Raw meals for 2 dogs over 3 days which includes “Important guidelines for feeding raw bones”.

Taking in the smells

You may have been wondering where my two boys were while I was doing this, surprisingly …. both just chillin’ 🙂 … ‘one’ ear and eye open!


Want some support?

If you would like some help getting started feeding raw for your dog/s (or maybe you are already feeding raw but just need extra support), you may be interested in a personalized raw feeding guide and/or a workshop both giving a load more detail.

I’d love to hear from you, so please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Raw (dog) Feeding: Making up Organ/offal bags aka multi vitamins and minerals!