Discovering a Swollen Paw

Some may think energy medicine doesn’t work, so I thought I’d share an experience I had yesterday that gave very quick results from using homeopathy. Achievable by most people.

My nine month old puppy Jeddah wasn’t with me in the garden like usual, instead I found him lying in his basket inside with a very swollen and sore paw (right rear).

I checked it over top and bottom and between pads and claws ever so gently as he was not happy at all with me touching him; I was surprised in fact at how protective he was by his pulling away and putting his mouth over my hand while growling – not a nice growl either! I talked to him as I went, in the hope my voice would be reassuring and calming. There was no blood, broken skin, seed heads or any other item poking out. Interestingly when he walked he seemed fine so I assumed he didn’t have a strain or sprain.


Fortunately, the day before I had just attended a Pet First Aid course so I checked the manual for stings. Ice was recommended so I held it directly on the swollen area (actually, had to stop where we were outside, rush back to the freezer inside and get more as Jeddah wanted to keep eating it!). The first aid course also advised going to the vet but because I am also an holistic health practitioner I decided to monitor him closely myself by checking his pulse, respiration and capillary refill time when the manual came in handy here too for the corresponding rates.

I always have Homeopathic Apis 30c and Ledum 30c handy as most often I’m not sure whether I’m treating a bee or wasp sting. I dosed Jeddah using both four times over about one hour. Incidentally I have also attended a workshop for learning about homeopathy for acute cases such as this; chronic health conditions are managed by qualified homeopaths.

A happy outcome!

As you’ll see in the photos to the left the swelling went down within hours, when at one point I could see more clearly the centre where he would have been stung i.e. it was a raised lump, and by 4pm there was no sign of any swelling.

A few other forms of energy medicine / healing

Some can be done from a distance such is the nature of energy:

BodyTalk (biofeedback)
Crystal Therapy
Essential oils – therapeutic grade
Flower Essences
Flower Essences for Animal Emotions
Kinesiology (muscle testing)
Therapeutic Touch

Energy healing typically allows our body to heal itself, not necessarily from a diagnosis but because the body has it’s own intelligence. What is also very exciting, is that not only are physical conditions recognised, emotional, mental and spiritual/energetic issues are naturally included as they’re all intertwined. The health practitioner is purely the facilitator using their skills for their client’s well being.

Below is full photo of Jeddah.

Quick Results from Using “Energy Medicine”