energy bodysWould you agree that you are more than your physical body, that you also have mental, emotional AND spiritual/energetic bodies where each impacts on the other? That you are essentially an energetic being at the sub-atomic level, where there are actually no particles of matter, but energy (quantum) flying around at high speeds creating this illusion of solidity in your life?

Which means, if you are experiencing unwanted results in your life, be they to do with your physical health, relationships, sense of inner well-being etc, I can help you balance/re-synchronise bodily systems to support self-healing where your body deems is a priority. Changes in one area automatically ripples through to others.

This balancing is achieved by communicating with your innate intelligence/wisdom of your body (that exists at the sub-atomic level as referred to above), revealing formulas unique to you and that particular session, then, if required, using specific techniques such as tapping, to implement and save changes.  This innate wisdom of yours has access to everything that is going on in your body and to the gigantic ‘pool’ of universal consciousness where everything/one is connected.

This is less ‘woo-woo’ as it used to be thought of, and more scientifically proven i.e. the field of applied quantum physics. We may just need to let go a bit of our western medical model we’ve become so conditioned to what’s only about 200 years old, and be open to what can be considered ‘fringe’ therapies.  Some of these so called fringe therapies have been around for thousands of years using tried and true techniques e.g. traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) which encompasses acupuncture (that focuses on the meridians – recognition of which goes back even further apparently!).

Are you already there or possibly curious to try unfamiliar ways?

A good start would be understanding a little how our body’s innate intelligence works and heals us i.e. a doctor can reset a broken bone, but doesn’t actual do the healing, your body does this automatically. You will easily be able to think of other examples, like all the automatic bodily processes maintaining homeostasis so that you can eat, breathe and walk!  Thank goodness we don’t have to manage these on a day by day basis, I’d be exhausted!

client arrival
Clients arriving at the Wisdom Within cabin

Many well-known conditions receive amazing results with the modality I use i.e. BodyTalk for animals and people.  Results can be experienced immediately or gradually over a period of time in the form of the symptom changing or disappearing, a heightened sense of well-being, better stress management, healthier relating to others due to change in attitude, better decision making . . . the list goes on.  Interestingly, but no surprises here, animals respond much quicker than people do due to their less complexities of being.  Oh to be a dog!

Self-healing through BodyTalk is achieved by;

  • working with the innate wisdom of our bodies
  • the use of the strict BodyTalk protocol and muscle checking
  • determining weakened or broken energy circuits that inhibit cell regeneration and restoring these
  • discovering other associated factors e.g. belief systems, fears or traumas that are undermining good health
  • and quality time to relax and participate in your process, and sometimes we can even have a good laugh!

In our current ‘pharmaceutical society’ we can be used to a quick fix, when this can be misleading in that it may have only removed or dulled the symptom but not addressed the underlying cause. The same problem may return after treatment has stopped or reappear in a different guise further down the track. I don’t deny there is definitely a place for some drugs, which I have benefited from personally.

BodyTalk is safe, gentle and effective at many levels, not least in the subconscious, where the vast majority of what influences are daily lives is stored.  BodyTalk is a consciousness-based healing modality and as an integrative modality it works happily alongside any other therapy or medicine you are using. No risks.

Animals, companions, pets (however you refer to them) are very much a part of their human families where bonds can be made to incredible depths.  We do become intertwined, when if we work on ourselves, we’re also helping them and vice versa – why not?  They are very energy-sensitive beings, some even purported to take on our illnesses; lighten our load . . . we lighten theirs . . . and shifts in their health will occur.  How beautiful is that?

Don is surrogate for Baxter (dog)
Baxter (dog) is being given a BodyTalk session via Don as his surrogate

“Energy is the currency of all interactions. To leave energetic considerations out of the equations of life and medicine is to ignore some of what is happening. We just need a way to turn on the right switches and harness the body’s ability to heal spontaneously.

Energetic approaches work quickly. This is the medicine of the future.”  Dr James Oschman, PhD, Biophysicist

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