A quick update on Rudi (after 2 distance BodyTalk sessions over one month):

The crust on his nose just formed when we had our last body talk session but as soon as it appeared it also fell off again. It has never done this before. Usually his entire top part of the nose goes crusty and the layer will go thicker and thicker with dead, dry skin. Takes about a month to fall off. This was within a week!!


Now, it looks dry at the top but I can’t see much new crust. So, that’s a first!! 🙂


He, is overall more energetic in the morning. Jumps around like a little puppy when we get up 😉


Otherwise, we had to get up once or twice a night to let him outside. His tummy was rumbling loudly as if he didn’t have anything to eat for a long time.


We feed the dogs at 7pm and Rudi gets a little snack before bedtime just so his stomach is not running empty. That’s usually why he needs to go outside at night. So not quite sure what it was this time.


Last night he was good…he didn’t need to go outside.


Other than that I don’t have any other news about his overall behaviour/ wellbeing.


Coat is still dry and dandruffy. Although he did put on a bit of weight again. He became quite light over the past three weeks.

(Note from Di [Wisdom Within] – the skin/coat is the first to show signs of the body not being 100{8baf399267d058af5137831e5624fbe6501502ef0ce01497e4fe7fd677b362d5} well, and the last to show signs of return to health and balance).

Feedback from Rudi’s Mum on BodyTalk Sessions for Long Term Skin Problems