BodyTalk Advanced Protocol Chart as used by Di during sessions.

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How to tap out your Cortices Demonstration

How to tap out your Cortices Instruction Sheet

Cortices are the lobes of the brain known as; frontal, parietal, occipital and temporal.

This link teaches a quick (a minute or two) BodyTalk technique called ‘Cortices’. You can do this for yourself or for your animal friend (either on them or if they’re likely to move, look at them while performing on yourself).  The ‘Cortices’ technique identifies cold spots in the brain which represent parts of the body that are in disrepair.  Tapping the cortices helps the body recognize these areas and sets to and helps the body to work on healing.  You can do this technique just the once (e.g. daily)  or over and over again at the one time to help calm a dog down or help alleviate a headache.  Doing cortices can be staggeringly wonderful and in the case of a fast aid technique after an accident, can assist in phenomenal recovery.

p.s. If tapping cortices on your animal is likely to annoy them or they don’t like being touched, keep your hands just above their body – you will be working within their wei qi.  Their heart area is between their front legs or shoulder blades (only need to tap one of these areas).


Miscellaneous BodyTalk Youtube videos

BodyTalk: An Engineer’s Perspective A great short clip from Jennifer Stelly, Engineer, who then trained as a BodyTalk Practitioner and Trainer who applied engineering theory to BodyTalk. Thank you Jennifer for your inspiration and knowledge, who sadly passed away in January 2011.

BodyTalk Restores Balance The Edge magazine

Being Present” by Esther Veltheim

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BodyTalk reference on Bruce Lipton’s website

Telegraph article 2010 BodyTalk: Could a new therapy be the answer to all your aches and pains?  Rumoured to be popular with Oprah Winfrey and Barack Obama, BodyTalk is now finding converts in Britain